The education system at the gurdwara teaches children gurmat and punjabi, and holds a bi-annual paath symposium.

Gurmat & Punjabi School (2023-2024)

Gurmat and Punjabi Classes are held every Sunday (except the last Sunday of the month). 2023-2024 Dates are TBD.

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Paath Symposium

In an effort to encourage our youth to memorize the Nitnem Baanis and support our community in reciting Paath together in their families, the Rochester Sikh Gurdwara holds a bi-annual Paath Symposium.

Twice a year youth from the community are invited to participate in a unique challenge to recite from memory a Nitnem Baani they have been learning. Participation is open to any child from birth to age 18. It is important that parents help their children at home learn the Baanis in preparation for the Symposium. Each child who participates and demonstrates their proficiency will then be recognized by the Sangat.

Each Baani a child decides to recite will be broken up into levels to accommodate younger children who are putting an effort to learning Paath. As each child starts at whatever level fits their ability, it is encouraged to advance through each Baani as each successive symposium occurs.

Jap Ji Sahib

Level 1 – Mool Mantar
Level 2 – 5th pauri
Level 3 – 15th pauri
Level 4 – 25th pauri
Level 5 – Complete Baani

Jaap Sahib

Level 1 – 50 Pade
Level 2 – 100 Pade
Level 3 – 150 Pade
Level 4 – Complete Baani

Twa Parsaad Svayaee

Level 1 – Complete Baani

Anand Sahib

Level 1 – 20th pauri
Level 2 – Complete Baani

Rehraas Sahib

Level 1 – So Dar up to Beynti Chaupai
Level 2 – Complete Baani

Sohila Paath

Level 1 – Complete Baani


Level 1 – Complete Baani

It is important to note this is not a competition or a contest between children. It is an opportunity for every child to challenge themselves to advance according to their own effort. We hope the children will start to form a basis of the daily discipline of a Sikh and be empowered to recite their Nitnem with confidence. Moreover, we hope our Sikh families learn and grow to do Paath together and strengthen their connection to Sikhi and the Guru.