Our Gurdwara

To become a registered member of the Gurdwara please print and return this form.

A Gurdwara (sometimes transliterated from Punjabi as Gurudwara), meaning “the doorway to the Guru”, is the Sikh place of worship. People of all religious backgrounds and faith are welcomed into a Sikh Gurdwara.

SIKH GURDWARA, in Rochester Hills, is a place of worship registered as an Ecclesiastical Corporation (Church) with the State of Michigan (USA). It holds religious services for followers of the Sikh religion.

The main objectives of our Gurdwara are:

  • Hold weekly congregations
  • Work for the advancement of Sikhs
  • Teach Gurmat (the philosophies of the Sikh Gurus)
  • Arrange Amrit Sanchar (Sikh Baptism Ceremony)
  • Find resolution for all the political and religious differences arising in the Gurdwara

Sikh Gurdwara
271 W. Auburn Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
(248) 651.1139

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