2018 – 2019 Level One

Jap Ji Sahib (Pauri 1-5)

HOMEWORK: March 16, 2019

1.) Speaking and writing practice of varanmala.
2) Practice minimum 2 words of each letter.
3) Practice number 1-20 in Punjabi.

Please check your kids notebook for class test. Will be test of varanmala and numbers next week as well.

HOMEWORK: March 9, 2019

1.) Practice varanmala. Write varanmala 3 times.
(Parents please check kid’s notebook. Pleas help kids to memorize varanmala) Test on next week again.

2) Complete picture on page: 65

3) Practice animals and birds name P: 73-75

4) Practice fruits and vegetables name: P: 70-71

5) Practice first 2 Pauri’s of Japji sahib.

HOMEWORK: March 2, 2019

1. Practice varanmala. ( Parents please check test pages. Test page is in book).
2) Practice 4 sahibzaaday name and punj pyaarey name including other history questions as well Page: 60-61
3) Practice Fruits name: p-70
4) Practice 1-20 counting in Punjabi.
5) Practice birds name: p- 75

HOMEWORK: February, 16, 2019

1.) Practice varanmala. Test in next class.
2). Practice day of the week and ten gurus name.
3) Practice fruits name P-70
4) Practice animals name: P: 73-74
5) Practice birds name: 75
6) Write and Practice mukta words, P: 85-86

HOMEWORK: February 9, 2019

1. Write ਸ਼ to ਫ਼ 5 times in notebook and trace in book as well.
2. Write mukta words page- 84
3. Practice ਮੌਸਮ names. Page-72
4. Practice 10 gurus name.
5. Write all letters of varanmala. Varanmala test will be in next class.
6. Complete picture using letters in book page number 65.

HOMEWORK: February 2, 2019

1) Write ਯ to ੜ 5 times in your notebook and in book as well.
2) Practice Mukta words P- 81 and write mukta words on P-82
3) Practice question number 20-24 P-58
4) Practice seven days of the week in Punjabi.
5) Practice names of Ten Gurus.
6) Practice 1st pauri of Japji Sahib.

HOMEWORK: January 19, 2019

Level 1 Punjabi HW (Jan.19th, 2019)

– Write first four lines of the Alphabet in your homework notebook two times. All letters in a line should be in one line of the notebook. Write neat and with good handwriting.

– Write Punjabi numbers 1-20 with good handwriting two times in your homework notebook. Say those numbers as you write them.

– Memorize first five Guru names

– Listen to first five pauris of Japji Sahib everyday. Audio recording is attached.

– Listen to first four lines of alphabet and record your own recording and send before or on January 31st, 2019 (RECORDING LINK)

HOMEWORK: January 12, 2018

1) Write ਪ to ਮ 5 times in notebook and write in book as well.
2). Practice question 15 to 19 p-58
3). Practice names of 10 gurus and question 1-6 p-60
4). Practice vegetables name: p-71
5). Practice Mool mantra.

HOMEWORK: December 5, 2019

1) Write and practice ਓ to ਨ
2) Practice oral questions 7-14 P-57
3) Practice first 5 Gurus names P-61
4)Practice Weather’s names( ਮੌਸਮ) in Punjabi and English P-72
5) Write 1-20 punjabi numbers.
6) Practice Mool Mantra.

HOMEWORK: December 8, 2018

1) First 5 lines of Punjabi alphabet.( ਓ to ਨ)
2) 1-10 numbers in Punjabi.
3) First 7 oral questions -P 57
4) Sikh history questions (first 5)- P 60
5) Fruits name: P 70
6) Animals name: P 73
7) Colors name: Black, White, Blue, Orange, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple
8) Days of the week in Punjabi.
9) Oral commands P-56
10) Body parts: Head, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Teeth, Tongue, Chin, Ears, Arm, Finger, Leg, feet.

HOMEWORK: December 1, 2018

1) Write ਓ to ਨ 5 times in homework notebook and trace in book as well.
2) Practice ਓ to ਨ pronunciation.
3) Practice of below body parts:
Hand, Arm, Finger, Foot, neck, Leg
4) Practice of oral commands and first 5 questions of Sikh history.
5) Practice names of week days in Punjabi.

HOMEWORK: November 17, 2018

1.) Write ਟ to ਣ 5 times in homework notebook and trace letters in book as well.
2.) Revise oral commands (first 7Q) page 57
3) Ask your kid below body parts in Punjabi:
I) Hair
II) Head
III) Eyes
IV) Nose
V) Lip
VI) Teeth
VII) Tongue
VIII) Chin
IX) Ears
4) Revise days of the week.
5) Speaking practice ਉ to ਣ.
6) Revise animal names and fruits names.

Please check Quiz papers and class notebooks of your kids.

HOMEWORK: November 10, 2018

1) Speaking and writing practice of first 3 lines of varanmala.
2) Revise days of the week. We did 7 days of the week in the class.
3) Revise oral commands( First 7Q) page number: 57
4) Revise below colors names in Punjabi:
Red, White, Black, Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Grey, Brown, Purple

HOMEWORK: November 3, 2018

1.) Speaking practice of first 3 lines of alphabets
2) Write 3 lines of Punjabi alphabets in book and homework notebook.
3) Practice of animals name and fruits name : page 70 & 73
4) Please ask your kid meanings of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Punjabi.
5) Parents please check quiz paper of your kid and sign it.
Please record question number 2,3,4 and send recordings.

HOMEWORK: October 13, 2018

1) Please complete last homework: (Check whatsapp messages)

For this week homework :
2)Write ਓ to ਙ 5 times( please trace letters in book as well)
3) write numbers ੧-੧੦ 5 times ( trace numbers in book as well)
4) please ask your kid meaning in Punjabi:
( Dog, Fish, Camel, cat, snake, butterfly, horse, cow, owl)
5. For reading : Get one paragraph in Punjabi ( from phone, book or laptop) and ask your kid to identify letters from ਓ to ਙ

HOMEWORK: October 6, 2018

1. Write first 7 letters of varanmala in notebook and ask atleast 3 words of each alphabet.
2. Write numbers 1-20 in Punjabi.
3. Practice for oral commands Page number 56.
4. Ask your kid meaning of below words in Punjabi (we did practice in class):
Black, White, Red, Pink, Grapes, Apple, Watermelon, Cantaloupe.

HOMEWORK: September 22, 2018

Write the ਕ  line.
Write numbers from 11 to 20.
Read and try to memorize ALL the Punjabi alphabets.
Remember one word for each of the alphabets.

HOMEWORK: September 8, 2018

1) Reading practice of varanmala
2) Trace the letters in book (page 2-page 6)
3) write name and age at the last page of the book.
4) we did 5 words of first 2 letters of varanmala. Please review at home.

Homework: September 15, 2018

1.) Trace first 3 alphabets of Varanmala in Punjabi book.
2). Trace and write number 1 and 2 in Punjabi book.
3) Parents please ask your kid 3 letters of each alphabet (first 3 alphabets) and body parts (head, ear, eyes, lips, nose, and teeth) in Punjabi.
4) Please complete last week homework as well if not done yet.