Level Two.One (Gurmeet Singh)

A4.2-Oral Questions Level 1 – Google Docs
Correct the words with tippi, bindi, and adhak – Google Docs

April 2, 2016

1. Read pages #30 to 33 everyday and read to your parents. They will listen while you read
2. Write page 56 to 59

March 12, 2016

Read from page 25 to 33
Write and memorize days of the week and english months one time from page 42
Read only and memorize numbers from page 43
Compelte workbook page 67

March 5, 2016

Read pg. 25 to 33
Write all words from pg 17 & 18 one time and read it
Write days of the week and english months one time and read it on pg 42
Read and memorize numbers from 1 to 50 on pg 43

February 20, 2016

Complete page 50-55
Practice to read from page 24-33
Write Gurmukhi alphabet 2 times and practice sounds
Read and write all words from page 17 & 18 one time

February 13, 2016

Write all letters on pg3 with Hora one time and learn to make sound
Read all letters from Mukta to Hora from page 22 and 23
Write all words from pg17 one time and read it one time

February 6, 2016
Review homework from last week

January 23, 2016

Read from pages 22-23 from Muktaa to Dulaavaa
Read pages 24-28

January 16, 2016

Read from pg 22 and 23 from Mukta to Dulaavaa
Read pg 24-28

December 5, 2015

Below is the Study Guide for next weeks Midterm. Good luck for the Test!

1. Write the words as the teacher says after listening to the sounds – 40 words (50)
2. Read words or paragraph as the teacher says (20)
3. Answer sikh history questions (10)
4. Answer in punjabi the questions the teacher asks you (10)
5. Recite Japji sahib paath(10)

November 21, 2015
No new homework this week. Please prepare for your midterm on 12/12/15.

November 14, 2015

Write all letters from Page #1 with Dulaunkad 1 time and practice saying it.
Write all words from page #14 two times and learn to say them.
Read everything from page 8 to 14.

October 24, 2015

No class next week oct 31. Next class Nov. 07

Write  time on pg. 8
Finish word search
Finish word completion/scramble sheet
Finish pg. 16,17
Memorize  pg. 45,46,47
Memorize path (fill in log)
Reading 30 mins (fill in log)

You are going to be quizzed on the following  items 🙂 🙂

Counting 1- 40 (in order/ random)
Reading two stories Rang and Gurdwara
Time pura, sava, adha, pauna
Sikh history questions 15 – 25
Vocabulary words from week 1- 4

** HW, Path and 30 mins ( in 2 weeks) home reading will be graded on quiz

October 17, 2015

Write all words from page 12 one time and practice saying them
Write all Gurmukhi letters on page 1 with “Bihaari” one time and practice saying them
Memorize oral commands from email sent to parents

October 17, 2015

Write all words with Sihaari two times and learn to say it (Page 11 from workbook)

October 10, 2015

Write all mukta words from page 9 one time and learn to say them
Write all kanna words from page ten 2 times and practice saying them

October 3, 2015

Write all Kanna words from page 10 two times and learn how to say them.

September 19,2015

Write once and read Mukta words from page 4,5,6 & 7.
Memorize the complete alphabet with pictures from sheets.
Learn to make sound.

September 12, 2015

– Memorize all Gurmukhi alphabets with pictures (dictation next week)
– Memorize all two letter words from page 4 and 5 and write them in your notebook
– Paath and Reading according to your level